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Add a unique and elegant wooden cardholder to your outfit to stand out of the crowd.

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The perfect gift

You can add the engraving on your favorite accessory. Create something unique.

Personalize your gift

Eco-friendly and handmade

All our wooden products are made in the EU, handmade and eco-friendly.

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Stay elegant, be a gentleman

The most beautiful outfit is always the outfit in which you are able to express yourself and show who you are. Show your distinctive style and get a wooden cardholder.

Wooden Card Holder Tenebra Note
Tenebra Note
69 €
Virie Note
Virie Note
69 €

Our wooden accessory, your personal message

What can be more important than being yourself? Personalize a wooden cardholder even more with your engraving. Not only your message but also your logo can be engraved.

Birthday of your beloved one, wedding anniversary or just an important date for you two. Be creative and make this day unforgettable!
Contact us to create a personal engraving with a logo or monogram on your favorite product: wooden bow tie, cardholder, cufflinks, wallet or pocket mirror.

These cardholders are used often with monograms:

Brunn Note
Brunn Note
59 €
Nox Note
Nox Note
79 €

Eco-friendly and handmade in Europe

BeWooden is focusing on producing unique accessories made from natural materials such as wood, leather, and silver. Local woods, traditional and honest craftsmanship with eco-friendly production is just the beginning of our engagement to give the nature something back. We only use remains of wood from cabinets or organic plantations.

Do you want to know more about our production and team? You can find an information on our website or contact us by live chat.

Linea Note
Linea Note
69 €
Red Note
Red Note
69 €

Stay close to nature

We always try to keep a unique pattern of wood in our products. It's important to keep in mind that every piece is different - same as we are. 

Without honest trust to each other, it would not be possible for BeWooden to get into 13 countries all around the world in just three years!


The most important thing

Our buyers appreciate the individuality of BeWooden products. They underline that uniqueness is getting more important for people. Become a member of The BeWooden World.

That's why we created a limited edition of wooden cardholders for ladies! It's slim, light, practical and also spacious enough to hold everything a business lady needs.

Deniq Note
Deniq Note
69 €
Rubi Note
Rubi Note
69 €


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